Luxe bedding- The bedding craft redefined

Luxe bedding- The bedding craft redefined

Time to get a splurge in our implausible range of bedding. Extra soft and cozy, our sheet sets just feel like your favorite Tee shirt from old school that rendered you a heavenly feeling on your skin, warm yet breathable to ensure maximum sleep comfort. These are lightweight enough for summer and warm enough for winter altogether to create a lasting dual effect with an array of bright colors to select from. These cotton jersey sheets feel soaky smooth and cozy warm against your skin at the same time yielding a sumptuous feel. Available in a variety of sizes with deep pockets, fully elasticized fitted sheets create a seamlessly perfect fit every time. They get softer and brighter with every wash. Our cotton sheet sets are so soft and the finish is exceptionally pretty and smooth to touch. Indeed, a perfect manifestation of the true quality workmanship par excellence. It is just like embellishing your bed with a swanky attire to snuggle on it.

 100% quality Stuff

When there is a question of quality, we make sure the fabric is perfect in all aspects and there is no doubt of any kind of adulteration in material. Our cotton jersey sheet sets are woven in our state-of-the-art weaving units with the ultra-care and embedded in love so that you get that ultimate crisp cool feeling. When you spread it on the bed it just puddles so nicely and drapes down perfectly. Once spread, it feels as if you are sliding into the bed with something so calming and relaxing to feel pampered. Its fall is splendid and it sets so nicely on the surface. It gives you that exact lush feeling of coming home.

Perfect Fit & Easy Care

Equally good for both winter and summer, these cotton jersey sheet sets are breathable since these are made with ultra care and are hypoallergenic. Just feel free to put them in the washer and dryer without an iota of fears at all. In terms of sizes, we offer you pretty generous sizes of pillows so that no matter which exact type of pillow you buy or may already have, it perfectly fits in. When it comes to sheet size, again that generous size is maintained which is sufficiently wide so that it can be comfortably tucked in. No matter what size your mattress is, we have a wide range of Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Cal King sizes to meet your requirements of mini crib bedding. Way down on the bottom of all corners, deep pockets have a little extra stretch with elastic all the way round to tuck it all the way beneath the mattress. Just imagine how many hours we spend in our luxury beds, so if you are going to indulge, the bedding sheet sets, toppers and comforters are the most enticing bait.