Reinvigorate Your Bedrooms with SleepWorld's Quilt Covers


At Sleepworld, we make the best sumptuous quilts and duvet. We carry top-of-the-line cotton blanket collections from well-known brands like Pieridae and EnvioHome. We believe that customer satisfaction is our biggest success and hence, only provide products from trust-worth and reliable brands. This will ensure premium rest for our customers as well as with trendy themes and mild plain tones with ornaments and textures, a visually appealing décor.

100% premium Quality from trustworthy brands:

Pieridae has microfiber quilt sets in a variety of dimensions and patterns. Bright Medallion, Seascape Ocean, tropical foliage, Kingsley, Island Paradise, and coastal stripe are also options. These themes are all lovely, appealing, and relaxing. Choose from a twin, queen/full, or king size quilt set based on your preferences and style. EnvioHome is noted for its luxurious cotton quilt sets and bedding. The assortment includes three-piece ensembles in charcoal, grey, wheat, white, and pink colours. The house design is greatly enhanced by these bold colours with unique imprinting. They are useful not merely for a good evening's sleep, but even to one's aesthetic. In terms of dimensions, there are Twin, Queen/Full, and King Options available in a range of colours.

Available in a variety of colours and themes:

All of these motifs are inviting, calming, and enticing. Depending on your choices and design, pick a twin, queen/full, or king size quilt set. Your layout and colour selections are our obligation. If you're looking for anything other than printed designs or simple colours, we have a ready-made remedy for you at Sleepworld.

EnvioHome provides a wide range of cotton mix adjustable seersucker patchwork quilt sets. The checkerboard design adds a distinguishing and unique look to the interior of your room. The colour variations in the stripes include Grayson gold, Grayson Blush, Grayson blue, Aiden Multi, and Aiden Blue. Our quilt collections are available in Twin, Queen/Full, and King Sizes for each of them. The beautiful and luxurious 100% seersucker quilt set from EnvioHome graces your space with timeless grandeur.

Suitable for all-year-around use:

The excellent comforter set from SleepWorld is made of the smoothest ultralight cotton waffle and flips to an organising combed microfiber for a comfortable retreat. Our blanket kits are exceptionally sensitive and pleasing to the touch, guaranteeing a smooth and comfortable sensation.

The summer quilt set feels fantastic on your body, is toasty but breathable, and provides the finest slumber comfort. With a variety of vivid colours and patterns to choose from, our lightweight quilt set is suitable for summer and heated sufficiently for cold season to provide a long-lasting dual impact.