Seersucker Quilt Set: The "Bounces Back Perfectly" Bedding

Seersucker Quilt Set: The "Bounces Back Perfectly" Bedding


Seersucker or railroad stripe is a thin, lightweight, puckered fabric made from 100% cotton. It has a very comfortable feel and is mostly used in hot weathers.

Seersucker quilt set has a different smooth and textured surface detailing, giving it a calm appearance. The appearance and texture of the fabric is due to the way it’s weaved, as the yarn tension is adjusted during the weaving process, resulting in alternating stripes of flat weave and puckered weave . It gives a more durable and stylish finish. 

seersucker quilt set


Seersucker was traded in India through the East India Company in the 1600s. it was then known as “shirushakar” which, in Persian means  “milk and sugar.” The first pattern that was created was made with a light tan (hence, sugar – cane sugar) and a creamy white (like sugar). When the English adopted the fabric, they began to call it “Seersucker”.

The traditional  pattern of seersucker is blue and white pattern, but Seersucker now is also available in various other colors as well. Common colors are pink, yellow, green, or purple. The fabric is typically made of 100% cotton that is to be puckered and then is constructed by pulling some warp yarns tighter than others. This is commonly known as slack-tension weave. By using the slack-tension weave, the result is a crinkled fabric that looks puckered. Seersucker fabric is wrinkled by nature so it is not ironed.

How Seersucker is made?

Traditionally, Seersucker is made from cotton but microfiber can also be used to make it.

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber made from very fine fibers which are durable and tension resistant. During the process of  weaving cavities are formed in  microfiber seersucker bedding, which allows it to absorb more moisture. It dries quickly and retains it shape after washing.

Seersucker quilt set made from Cotton is very sustainable and is particularly popular on hot summer nights as it releases sweat, preventing heat from building under the sheets and duvet. It is also a great option for the cold winter nights as cotton regulates our body temperature, keeping us warm through  winter. 

Seersucker Summer or Winter bedding:

Cotton seersucker quilt set is the perfect year-round option. Due to it's crinkled surface, the fabric never lies flat on the skin. This allows great air circulation throughout the night. It is breathable and have a cooling effect on our skin, which makes seersucker the perfect bedding for the warmer months. Other bedding types are not as suitable for summer heat as some fabric prevents the heat from escaping by forming an insulating layer which makes it uncomfortable during the hotter nights.

Is Seersucker The Right Option:

Discovering the perfect bedding is very difficult and depends on your personal taste and home aesthetic.. 

Due to the slightly wrinkled surface, seersucker adds a casual feel in any bedroom as well as adding a luxurious touch. It can evoke memories of a ecstatic beach or add a cottage inspired look. Seersucker quilt set has a glaring timeless feel, which allows it to work in any room for any age. It’s considered the perfect bedding material for everyone.

Seersucker Quilt Care Tips:

Seersucker bedding can be easily washed in the washing machine without any issues. Without losing its shape both microfibers and cotton seersucker bedding can be placed in the washing machine on a 30 to 40 degree wash. But it is always best to read the label before you wash your bedding.

No Iron Fuss:

A great feature of seersucker quilt set is that there is no need for it to be ironed after washing. The surface of the fabric is crimpled making it look perfect without the need of an iron. However, if you want to iron out a couple of extra creases, make sure to iron it in cool temperature or try air-dry.


Usually people think that seersucker comes only in blue and white colors which are its traditional colors but its totally wrong. Seersuckers come in a variety of different colors such as tan and grey, blue and white, red and white and grey and white and many more color combinations.

Charcoal Seersucker Quilt Set:

Deep charcoal color quilt sets look elegant and stylish and add a clean finish to your bedroom.  Any other color used with it pops out creating a very dramatic and beautiful look.

What is the weaving type of seersucker?

What other fibers are used for seersucker production?

The All Time Favorite Bedding

Seersucker bedding is easy to maintain, soft and comfortable and  just great for not only in summers but all year round. It does not lie directly on the skin making space for breathing and hence giving a cooling effect. In winters it keeps the body warm and cozy. Not only this, but it's beautiful texture and appearance gives an elegant touch to the bedrooms making it the all time favorite bedding. Visit Sleepworld for more information.