Flannel Sheets

It didn't feel like spring to me until I put on my snow boots and winter coat before coming to the office an hour later. But I'm not going to allow the remaining snow or the danger of more freeze stop me from appreciating the fresh start that a new season brings. Even if it will be a few weeks before I can open my windows to welcome a mild breeze or take off my tights and sweaters, I am looking forward to it. I'm going to start embracing spring right now. And you can too by making a few changes to your space that echo the changing temps outside.

One of the simplest ways to distinguish your winter and spring decor is to use Sleep World International's exclusive flannel bedding and blankets for each season. Those flannel sheets and faux fur wraps may seem nice in the winter, but they'll be terribly hot once the weather warms up. Sheets should be made of a more breathable percale or sateen, and bulky throws should be tucked away in favor of something lighter and a little sheer. The diverse range of products by Sleep World would be the best fit in every season.

Consider finding a cute art print on Etsy or bringing in trendy figurines or pillow covers to add some fun to your space. Even if you're not quite ready to actually have your windows open, why not get them ready for sunnier days? Take time to remove storm windows, add screens and clean off any dust and debris gathering on the sill. If you want to get even springier, pick up a pair of lightweight curtains to add some movement.

To create some movement, hang a pair of lightweight curtains.

Fresh blooms scream spring to me. Even if you don't have the time or money to go flower shopping every week, treating yourself to a lovely arrangement right now is a wonderful way to bring spring into your home (even if it still feels like winter outside). With a few new throw cushions and some interesting new curtains, you can get this cottage-chic style or maybe a soft throw over the arm of the sofa. The options are endless with this popular print!

Citrus hues, which are typically associated with the summer months, are breaking the trend and gaining early notice this year. Bright yellows, oranges, and pinks can be added with patterned throw pillows, lively artwork, or even a strong accent wall. These decor alterations may result in a significant shift in the décor, as well as in your mood. So go ahead and do it!